Trustees & Members

As a charity, Tayside Re-Users is always looking for skilled, interested individuals to help us achieve our goals. In some cases, individuals may have particular skills which would make them well suited to become a trustee and play a crucial role in our governance and direction as a charity.

If you are interested in trusteeship or becoming a member, please contact us for some more information.

There are currently 8 Trustees on the board of Tayside Re-Users.  Below is a short biography of the Trustees.


Shiona Baird – Chair and Trustee

Shiona has a B.Sc (SocSci) and a Diploma in Social Administration, working initially as a Social Worker. She was a Green Party MSP for the North East Region and former Co-Convener of the Scottish Green Party. She is Chair of her local Community Council. She has been Chair of Tayside Re-Users since 2009. She ran a holiday rental business as well as being a working partner on the family farm until 2015. As an organic farmer environmental concerns are very close to her heart.


Peter Romilly- Trustee

Peter is an economist by training and director of Ecmetrika Consultancy & Research. He obtained his doctorate in 2000 and was a Reader in Economics at the University of Abertay. Since November 2009 he has worked mainly as a writer. He has been with Tayside Re-Users since its formation as a social enterprise and charity in 1995, and served as chairman for fourteen years.  Recently he has begun compiling a history of Tayside Re-Users’ premises, a former Dundee jute mill. He has extensive experience of the social enterprise sector in Dundee, and is committed to furthering the aims of Tayside Re-Users.

Richard Holmes – Trustee

Richard works as a lecturer in education at the University of Dundee having previously worked as a primary school teacher. he has a keen interest in all environmental issues and was formerly a Trustee of the Children’s Warehouse, an arts and re-use charity in Newcastle. He joined the Board of Tayside Re-Users in 2015.


Pam Kelly – Trustee

Pam has a degree in Social Policy and after a 20 year career in social housing, returned to study for a Diploma in HR Management.  She worked as an HR Advisor for 8 years up until summer 2015, after which she returned to further studies, this time in Art. Pam has always been passionate about reduction of waste and recycling and supporting people into employment. She was co-opted onto the Board of Trustees in March 2016 and assists the employment sub-committee with advice and practical support.


Margaret Robb – Trustee

Since retiring Margaret has dedicated much of her time to charitable work. Her interest in Tayside Re-Users spans many years as her concern for recycling and reuse involved her initially in practical work with the charity before joining the Board.


Aileen Bradford – Trustee

Aileen is a Registered General Nurse, District Nurse, Health Visitor and Community Practice Teacher. As a Community Practice Teacher she taught and supported Health Visitor students during their community placements. Aileen worked predominantly as a Health Visitor in various places throughout the UK but particularly in Angus where she worked for 19 years.  Aileen was instrumental in developing the Community Cardiac Rehabilitation in Angus in 1996 which was adopted and rolled out Tayside wide.


Liz Kay – Trustee

Liz was originally employed in the graphic arts industry for most of her working life both in her native Toronto, Canada and in Dundee.  Leaving for maternity, Liz decided to set up her own graphics business and other interests and ran these for 14 years.  During this time, she was an active member of the Dundee Chamber of Commerce.  This helped greatly with knowledge of local business, systems, legislation, national/international issues and protocols.   Returning to college, Liz modernised her computer and communication skills and latterly held the Administrator position for a local church.


Brian Robertson-Fern

Brian has over 35 years’ experience in Business and leadership. His career has been spread across both the private and public sectors with the last 15 years being spent in the voluntary and social enterprise sectors. He is currently employed as the Managing Director of Brag Enterprises in Fife. Brag is one of the largest social enterprises in the area and has helped support the regeneration of Central Fife. He is also the current Chair of Fife Social Enterprise Network.


Current trustees and members of Tayside Re-Users can click here to access our members section.