If you are planning to replace an older item of furniture , why not think about donating what you are replacing to us? We accept donations of good condition furniture of all kinds, electricals, books + much more.

All items in good condition are uplifted from the Dundee area free of charge. A small donation would be welcome to cover fuel costs if the item is less well looked after!

Phone: 01382 228806

This map shows in orange the areas from which we will uplift items:-

Please note that we do not guarantee coverage of the whole map. The map is an indication simply of where we have uplifted items from in the past.

There are certain restrictions on what we can be donated to us. In particular, soft furnishings must have their fire safety label intact for us to be able to accept them. Our drivers have the final say on whether the item can be accepted by us. If it is in poor condition, substantially damaged, or smells strongly of pets or cigarette smoke, it is unlikely that our driver will accept the item.

We cannot accept such items because we would simply have to dispose of the item which would cost us money to do.


Radio Jingles

You may be hearing our jingles on Wave 102! You can also listen to them here: