22 Dec

Festive opening hours

Friday 22nd Dec                         9 am – 1 pm

Saturday 23rd Dec                    Closed

Sunday 24th Dec                       Closedimages

Christmas Day                          Closed

Tuesday 26th Dec                     Closed

Wednesday 27th Dec               9 am – 5 pm

Thursday 28th Dec                   9 am – 5 pm

Friday 29th Dec                         9 am – 5 pm

Saturday 30th Dec                    Closed

Sunday 31st Jan                        Closed

Monday 1st Jan                         Closed

Tuesday 2nd Jan                       Closed

Wednesday 3rd Jan                  Normal opening hours resume

23 Dec

Opening Hours over Festive Period

Opening Hours
Friday 23rd – 9am to 3.15pm
Saturday 24th – Closed
Sunday 25th – Closed
Monday 26th – Closed
Tuesday 27th – Closed
Wednesday 28th – 9am to 5pm
Thursday 29th – 9am to 5pm
Friday 30th – 9am to 5pm
Saturday 31st – Closed
Sunday 1st – Closed
Monday 2nd – Closed
Tuesday 3rd – Closed
Wednesday 3rd – Normal opening hours resume