When you buy from us, you can be sure of the quality. That’s because we’re approved by Revolve – Scotland’s national accreditation for organisations that sell quality refurbished and reconditioned goods. As an organisation we’re fully committed to providing great products, good value and excellent customer service. Our Revolve badge means you can also be sure that we:

  • Are repair and reconditioning experts – we bring quality used items ‘up-to-scratch’
  • Safety test our products – to make sure they meet modern safety standards
  • Carry out regular training and quality audits – to make sure we meet the Revolve standards, and our own high standards as well

Second hand doesn’t mean second best. When something’s well made it can last a lifetime, but it might need some TLC to bring it back up to scratch. That’s what we do. So when you buy from us it’s:

  • Good for you − Revolve accredited companies offer you great quality at affordable prices
  • Good for the environment − recondition and re-use means less waste, lower carbon footprints, and less pressure on the earth’s precious resources
  • Good for communities – we’re a not-for-profit, community based organisation that provides employment and offers volunteering and training opportunities for local people