19 Mar

Eco-Driving Training

Tayside Re-Users takes its environmental impact very seriously. As such, we are delighted that Bob & Jim have successfully completed the Eco-Driving Training course.

This training is estimated to lead to a reduction of 12% in their annual fuel consumption, improving further Tayside Re-Users’ positive impact on the environment!

Bob & Jim with EcoDriving Certificates March 14

10 Mar

PAT & First Aid Certificates

As well as caring for the environment, Tayside Re-Users cares about giving those working and volunteering with us worthwhile work experience and training opportunities.

We are pleased that Bob & Steven have successfully completed First Aid, and Portable Appliance Testing training respectively. All of the electrical items we sell are fully tested for safety and functionality, and now Steven adds to our team of testers to ensure you will only be buying safe, working items from us.

And since we care about the safety not just of our customers but our staff & volunteers too, Bob is now trained to deal with injuries should they arise at our workplace.

Well done guys!

Bob with his First Aid at Work Cert - March14 Steven Paterson (HELM) getting presented with his PAT Testing Certificate by B.Innes Tayside Re-Users WEEE Workshop Manager