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We provide low cost, quality furnishings to households in Tayside. And we’re accredited by Revolve, Scotland’s quality standard for re-use. It means that everything we refurbish has to meet strict safety requirements before we can sell it in our shop.

That way, we divert as much as possible from landfill, which is good for everybody.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Emporium in Dundee.
Our Aims

Providing quality, affordable furniture, white goods and household items to people in Tayside, particularly those most in need.

Significantly increasing the amount of furniture and other household goods diverted from landfill which benefits local communities, both socially and environmentally.

Providing further opportunities for employees, volunteers and placements, particularly those furthest removed from the job market, to acquire more skills, knowledge and confidence.

Find out more about our team and the work we do in your local community.

About Us
Revolve Accredited
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Revolve is Scotland’s re-use quality standard. When you buy from us, you can be sure of quality.

Our Revolve badge means you can be sure that we safety test our products, offer great products, good value and excellent customer service and carry our regular training and quality audits.

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Tayside ReUsers
Tayside ReUsers2 hours ago
I bet you got all kinds of stuff. Did you know you can get more stuff that specialises in holding the rest of your stuff? Here's a good looking example of a stuff holder:
Tayside ReUsers
Tayside ReUsers3 hours ago

Two mornings a week, you can see Anne Foy in our Tay Treasures shop, busily sorting bric-a-brac, putting prices on clothes and tidying up toys. Anne is retired and she has been a volunteer at Tayside Re-Users for the last 10 years. She came here for the first time because a neighbour of hers was working as a volunteer. Those where the days when people could fill a bag with second hand clothes and take it home for only £6. We don’t do that anymore, but Anne still kindly gives her time to us and she has become a valued member of our staff. She knows better than anyone what customers prefer when it comes to the little things: “Pots and pans sell well. Toys too”, she says. So once she has put some order in the shop, she takes her trolley and goes to the back of the warehouse to make a selection of the donated items that arrive on the van, to be cleaned and displayed. And you can see the satisfaction on her face when she finds a nice set of coffee or tea that will eventually go to a new home.

“I can’t stay at home all day”, responded Anne when I asked her why she donates her time to Tayside Re-users. “It’s good to get out and mix up with people”. And so far it has been kind of a learning experience for her too. “It’s good to see things getting reused. I don’t throw out many things now and I try to get my friends into recycling and reusing”. And what advice would she give to other volunteers on how to bear the cold in our Emporium in winter? “Wear thermals and keep moving. That keeps you warm”.

For information about volunteering at Tayside Re-Users, please visit our website or give us a call: 01382-228986.

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Tayside ReUsers
Tayside ReUsers1 day ago
Nothing clever to say here, I just liked this brown couch/chair thing. I might go back and buy it.